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KREA "Bellani"

Workable thickness - 10-60 mm
Total installed power - 4kw
Max. Pressure - 250 bar
Pressure of work - 20-210 bar

Lenght - 75 cm
Width - 60 cm
Height - 95 cm
Weight - 380 kg

The Krea machine is an electric-hydraulic press enginered and produced to obtain diverse shapes from off cuts made of marble, granite, stones and synthetic material. This is made possible by the KREA using different molds.
The KREA combines the different off cuts obtained to create diverse shaped and coloured floor tiles. These tiles create a valuable attractive indoor and autdoor flooring option.
This ecological friendly machine is an intelligent way takes advantage of the small pieces of material that otherwise would be unusable and destined to special waste with expensive costs. The KREA machine can abtain various shapes on materials with thickness ranging from 10 to 60 mm.